If you are missing features, you are kindly invited to request them here.
We will evaluate all incoming inquiries and possibly take them into consideration for future developments.
You can use your own individual domain for your shortened URLs. Instead of http://nxt.is/0x281wgn you can then use http://myUrl.com/0x281wgn. All your new and already shortened URLs are automatically available under your vanity domain. To find out how to set up a vanity domain, please read the "Set up a vanity domain" section in the FAQ.
Generally, the 'Registered' package requires a registration. This is obligatory to grant access to some additional individual features.
Please check the package comparison for further information about the available offers.
Register a domain

Register a domain at a provider of your choice which you would like to use as a vanity domain. This URL may only be used for this purpose.

Create a DNS record

Create a DNS record with the IP set to nxt.is ((

Add a vanity domain

Go to Developer and add your domain under "Vanity Domains" by entering it into the respective field without the http:// part. The Redirect URL is the URL that will be called on failed redirects (e.g. if a requested short URL does not exist). Click "verify domain". Nxt.is will check your domain and add it to your vanity domains if successful. You can now use any of your old and new short links with this vanity domain.
nxt.is provides a Chrome browser extension for quick and easy URL truncation. This makes it possible to generate shortURLs 'on-the-fly' directly within your browser, share them and keep an eye on the access rates. In order to offer further information on statistics AND to prevent abuse of our service, the use of a (free) nxt.is account is required.